duminică, 16 ianuarie 2011

Journalist Report Day 01 Romars2011

Log Book for January 15, 2011
Journalist Report
Dragos Bratasanu Reporting

The day began very early at the motel in Grand Junction. Although we were very tired after the 26-hour trip and flight, our team hit the road very early. 
Four of us didn't have expectations about the US since this is our first time here but the scenery was wonderful. After a few stops on the way to take pictures of the Utah desert, we arrived in Hanksville, at Hollow Mountain, an amazing gas station built in the mountain rock. D.G. was very kind and drove us to the MDRS. A few miles after we left the main road, Crew 97 were taking their last ride on the ATVs and led the way to MDRS. 
All of the crew members of 97 were really wonderful people and performed a detailed training for each of us. We took a complete tour of the Hab and the astronomical observatory and a short ride on the ATVs to get used to operating them. 
At the moment of writing all crew members are urgently writing their evening reports.


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