sâmbătă, 22 ianuarie 2011

EVA 04 Report Day 07 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 21, 2011
EVA 4 Report
Haritina Mogosanu Reporting

Time: 16.00-18.20

Crew Members: Haritina Mogosanu, Dragos Bratasanu, Virgiliu Pop

Site Location: N38.406694,-110.791155 (this is the site for the sundial)

We took the pictures along the track that goes out in the road.

Transit Mode: ATV and on foot

1. determine a location for a sundial made of rocks placed on the ground.
2. outreach - photo session


Location determined and construction started
Pictures taken

Lessons Learned:
First EVA for me, still under the impression that I am on Mars for real. I loved it.


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