marți, 18 ianuarie 2011

Commander Report Day 03 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 17, 2011
Commander's Report
Virgiliu Pop Reporting

The last day out of sim begun at 9 AM with breakfast cooked by Betty and Iulia (scrambled eggs with mushrooms). Then Dragos and I headed to Hanksville in order to pick up the food allotted for our crew. We also retrieved the common food supplies. We then returned to the hab, where we all discussed in an open manner each member's strengths, weaknesses, and duties. Having people with different personalities in a confined environment is a great way of studying human behaviour, and we are sure that we will get along if we are open to compromise within the mission's limits. 
Later on we used the last day out of sim for photo-ops back home - RoMars 2011 is followed by the Romanian public by the means of one of the main newspapers. Then the engineering team began its round. Their report is forthcoming by 8 PM. Some of us will head to Hanksville for the last time before beginning simulation, then we will eat dinner - cooked by the same Betty and Iulia - and we will set up the rover. Iulia and Betty will also catalogue the newly arrived food. 
Tomorrow we will begin sim (including the food study), but before that we will clean the spacesuit helmets.


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