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Commander Report Day 06 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 20, 2011
Commander's Report
Virgiliu Pop Reporting

Third SIM day started with a movie - if we are to count the day as starting at midnight ... none other than Galaxy Quest, partly filmed in the nearby Goblin Valley. After a good nights sleep, the crew had a late wake-up (the RoMars members perform very well when rested), then we had breakfast - tortillas with omelette and salami.

We then decided upon the day's plan, and received news from Mars Society that we can use the ATVs, as temporary registration has been issued. Mars may be far away from Earth, yet not far enough to escape Earth's bureaucracy!

Iulia, Betty and Dragos then went on a very long EVA, one of the aims being to bestow Romanian names upon some unnamed "Martian" features. Today is a special day - as Romania acceded to the European Space Agency convention! (and it's also Buzz Aldrin's birthday - Happy Birthday, Buzz!).

Meanwhile, the Captain (Virgil) got permission from the Mars Society engineering support to remove the old microphone system from the helmets - one down, five to go, and assisted Haritina in writing her recycling proposal to the Mars Society.

After the away team returned from the EVA, Haritina started to cook a delicious meal out of dehydrated food, and some Romanian tortillas called "scovergi", prompting the crew to declare their endless love to her and the fire alarm to beep. As Iulia went to her room, she seemed to hear mice noises - hence the Captain recommends a cat-in-residence.


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