joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

Biology Report Day 05 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 19, 2011
Science Report (Biology)
Beatrice Gilea Reporting

Time: 16.00-18.20 
Crew Members: Virgiliu Pop, Iulia Jivanescu, Beatrice Gilea 
Site Location: N 38deg 24 min 19 sec 
W 110 deg 47 min 00 sec 
N 38deg 24min 21 ec 
W 110deg 46min 51sec 
Transit Mode: Pressurized rover (SUV) 
Objectives: Collect rock and soil samples and bring them to the Hab for microbiological analysis 
Results: samples were not yet analyzed 
Lessons Learned: 
It was very difficult to see and take samples because the helmets fogged; 
Also it is impossible to see while the sun is oriented towards our face. 
We were tired and starving when we returned from EVA


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