luni, 17 ianuarie 2011

Journalist Report Day 02 Romars2011

Log Book for January 16, 2011
Journalist Report
Dragos Bratasanu Reporting

The day began early for some of the crewmembers as I woke at 5 AM in the morning. For others it started at 9 AM. After a quick snack, all the crew members wrote short reports about the first day and press releases for the Romanian media. 
The day in the field started at about 11 AM when all members rode the ATVs to get acquainted with the surroundings. The ride was wonderful and the view breathtaking. 
The evening got extremely interesting for some of us because we were stopped by the park ranger. I remember when I was a child and I used to watch American movies on TV, especially Yogi Bear. The officer reminded me of the characters in the movies of my youth. However, things turned out all right - he was extremely friendly and visited the hab. 
All the team members are writing their evening reports intensely and some of them are trying not to fall asleep while writing. I believe the jet lag is still having fun with them. I will send the pictures of the day shortly.


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