luni, 17 ianuarie 2011

Commander Report Day 02 Romars2011

Log Book for January 16, 2011
Commander's Report
Virgiliu Pop Reporting

First morning at the hab, and what a joy! We decided that today we can sleep in, but everybody was up by 9. We snacked for breakfast, then three of us headed to Hanksville, as we are not yet in sim. There we met by chance Judah Epstein, the commander of the previous crew, and we reciprocated his hospitality by inviting him for lunch at the hab. I cooked pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms (normal cooking) and the last bits of Kung-Fu chicken (dehydrated). After lunch, Judah trained Iulia in using the GPS. 
Once Judah left, we started the real ATV training - we had three parties (Dragos and Haritina / Dragos, Iulia and Betty / Dragos, Haritina and Virgil), all going to Heidi's Hill and back. We are now fully knowledgeable ATV drivers. The last party was stopped by a friendly ranger who asked to see the registration documents of the vehicles - the matter was referred to mission supoprt, with the request that future crews be informed as to their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Haritina started her recycling programme - we decided that we can recycle the garbage originating at the MDRS and maybe find a helpful local use for some of it, while in the future we can see about composting the food leftovers. 
Before dinner, three crew members went to Hanksville and came back in half an hour - at their return they pretended to be wild martian coyotes. 
We will soon eat dinner (dehydrated mushroom pilaf, yet another leftover can) and the engineering team will perform their rounds and write the report. Beatrice and Iulia will continue their food inventory. 
We have informed mission support that the webcam page has still the details of the previous crew (names and mission patch), while it broadcasts us. The issue has not been solved by the time of this report.


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