joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

Commander Report Day 05 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 19, 2011
Commander's Report
Virgiliu Pop Reporting

We all woke up at about 9 AM (we are late-risers, yet hard-workers), then we had breakfast - tortillas with peanut butter and jam (to Iulia's delight). 
Haritina's morning engineering round resulted in the discovery of a grey-water pipe leak, patched by her and Dragos. Mars is indeed hostile - the plumbing situation is in dire need of being fixed. Apart from being one crew member short, the permanent resident of the hab - (the) John is not cooperating. 
Haritina then discovered a stowaway - or is it martian life? - a little mouse! 
Afterward we tried to fix the rover - it is not broken, but we have a power converting issue: 110 to 220 volts. 
At 3 AM, the science team started to prepare for the EVA, and took the commander along in his first EVA. Mars is beautiful, yet very tiring - one can be Captain Cook, yet one cannot be a cook and go on the EVA in the same day! This was discovered once the commander returned, very tired, and was unable to 'cook' food, having to violate mission protocol and prepare some dehydrated food. I wonder if previous crews encountered the same problem! 
We did not eat as yet. We are all writing our reports. The engineers did their round and at 8 pm we'll eat. We may have an early night, apart from Haritina, whose love for the stars is far greater than her exhaustion.


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