miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011

Commander Report Day 04 RoMars2011

Log Book for January 18, 2011
Commander's Report
Virgiliu Pop Reporting

First simulation day! 
It started with a nice oatmeal breakfast, then we performed a thorough cleaning of the whole hab ... we decided that the lower deck is "slippers only', the upper deck is 'socks only', and the EVA dress room is 'boots only'. It is not true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus - they both belong to Mars, and a crew like our own, where women are the majority, is likely to keep Mars very clean. 
We then had lunch - a whole eight portions of soup for a very tired crew of 5, while the mission commander got a nickname - Captain Cook! It is true, as a personal note, that I love to cook - and hate to clean up! - and I think the best way of managing a mission is to have crew members do what they like best (but also what they have to do ...). 
After lunch, each member tended to their duties: Hari went to the Greenhab and later to the Musk observatory, Dragos drove the pressurized rover (SUV) with Betty and Iulia to the EVA site, while the commander had to set-up the rover. What a joy to do some electronics after more than 20 years - and what a chore to wash the dishes! 
After the away team returned from the EVA, the crew wrote their reports, and we all look forward to a nice dinner and to our first astronomy lesson at the Musk observatory - courtesy of Haritina.


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